Island Lembongan and Leatherjackets

Flat Tires and Slow Boats

Lembongan to BaliIt was a decade ago and a half ago. I remember the excitement I felt as I began to architect what I believed to be the best life possible. I was going to study computer networking and databases…yes, for real!

In my mind this would eventually lead me to a position where I could work from anywhere in the world. Of course that in turn led me to see myself on a beach in the tropics holding down the cyber-fort with my laptop.

My first position in corporate America was with a law firm for whom any chance of working remotely were quickly dashed. Next up was a consulting company. Working from a remote location was standard practice however being outside the continental US borders was not.

Kansas, no problem, Milwaukee, good as gold.

I left the consulting firm and started a travel company and a blog. My vision finally came…

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2 thoughts on “Island Lembongan and Leatherjackets

  1. Soul Knows no Bounds and so also the Universal mind ! Intelligence also has unbound Expance and Experiencing and employing such experience anywhere and everywhere is well within the ploy of the universal mind ! You have connected to the Universe without any inhibition and hence you can see the world as a multifaceted entity !

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